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Legends on Coins — U

Ueb Aug und Hand Fuer's Vaterland
Train eye and hand for the fatherland.
Ulricus D.G. d. Pom. episcop. Cammin.
Ulrich, Duke of Pomerania, Bishop of Cammin.
Ulrika Eleonora D.G. Reglna Svec.
Ulrica Eleonora, D.G., Queen of Sweden.
Umberto I Re D'Italia
Humbert I, King of Italy.
Una. Meta Omnibus
One goal for all.
Und das Wort ist Fleisch Worden. Joh. am. 1
And the Word became flesh
Unione E Virtu'
Union and Strenght.
Unione Italiana
Italian Union.
Union et Force
Union and strength.
Uno volente humilis levabor, mo. no. im.
When God wills, humble I am consoled, new imperial coin.
Unus non Sufficit.
One not sufficient.
Urbanus VIII Barberinus Pon. Max.
Urban VIII Barberini, P.M
Urbe Obsessa
The city is besieged.
Urbini Dux VI.
Sixth Duke of Urbino.
Ut Abundets Magis.
That you may the more abound.
Ut conchas auge nostra metalla Deus
Like shells, oh Lord, increase our metals.
Ut frontibus ita frondibus coniungtissimi
In their opinion, they stand as close together as leaves on a tree.
Uti sic nisi
Just as, unless.
Utrius Sici. Hierus
Of the two Sicilies and Jerusalem.
Utr. Sic. Hlerus.
The Two Sicilies. Jerusalem.
Ut sit suo Pondere Tutus
That he may be safe by his own weight.
U(V)tr. Sic. Hier. Hisp. Inf(ans)
Of the Two Sicilies and Jerusalem, Prince of Spain.
U(V)tr. Sic. Hier. Inf(ans)
Of the Two Sicilies and Jerusalem, Prince of Spain.