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Legends on Coins — P

Pacem Loquetur Gentibus
He will speak peace to the nations.
Pad. Com. Pal. Rhe. Dux Bav. Ang. West, et Bui.
Paderborn, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria, Angria, Westphalia, and Bouillon.
Palma Sub Pondere Crescit
The palm grows under its weight.
Parva etiam virtus, vim magnam vincit et iram
Also small strength can overcome violence and hatred.
Patria Si Dreptul Meu
The country and my right.
Patriis virtutib.
With the virtues of the fathers.
Patri patriae immortalitate donato
In memory of the father of the country, distinguished by immortal glory.
Patrona Bavariae
Patroness of Bavaria.
Paul Alexander Leopold Furst zur Lippe.
Paul Alexander Leopold, Prince of hope.
Paul Friedr(ich) August Gr(oss)h(erzog) v(on) Oldenburg
Paul Frederick August, Grand Duke of Oldenburg.
Paul Friedrich Emil Leopold Furst z. Lippe.
Paul Friedrich Emil Leopold, Prince of Lippe.
Paulus V Burghesius Pont. Max
Paul V Borghese, P.M.
Pax adsit Bellum fugiat Pestique Severa
May there be peace and may war and dreadful plague flee.
Per Aspera ad Astra
Thru difficulty to the stars.
Per Aspera - Ad Astra
Through difficulties to the stars.
Per La Gr(acia) Di Dio Duch. di Parma Piac. E. Guast
D.G., Duches of Parma, Piacenza, and Guastalla.
Petrus D.G. P. Portugaliae et Al.
Pedro, D.G., Prince of Portugal and Algarve.
Petrus II D.G. (Rex) Portugaliae et Alga. Rex
Peter II, D.G., King of Portugal and Algarve.
Petrus IV D.G. Portug. Algarb. Rex
Peter IV, D.G., King of Portugal and Algarve.
Phii. IV D.G. Hisp. (et) Indiarumq. Rex
Philipp IV, D.G., King of Spain and the Indies.
Philipp. Landgraf z. Hessen. Ernst Ludwig Grossherzog v. Hessen u. B. R.
Phillip, Landgrave of Hesse, Ernest Ludwig, Grand Duke of Hesse.
Philipp Re Ara. et Sardinie
Philipp, King of Aragon and Sardinia.
Philipp Souv. Landgraf zu Hessen
Phillip, Sovereign Landgrave of Hesse.
Philippus D. Gratia Rex
Philipp, D.G., King.
Philippus III (Dei Gratia) Rex Hispaniar
Philipp III, D.G., King of Spain.
Philippus III D.G. (Omnium)
Philipp III, D.G.
Philippus IV D.G.
Philipp IV, D.G.
Philippus Mil Rex Hispaniar
Philipp IV, King of Spain.
Philippus VI D. Gratia
Philipp VI, D.G.
Piece de 5 Francs
Piece of 5 francs.
Pie luste Fortiter
Piously, justly, bravely.
Pietate et Constantia
By piety and steadfastness.
Pietate fide et iustitia
In piety, faith, and justice.
Piet. iust. ac fortitudo
Pius, just, and strong.
Pisa Invetustae Maiestatis Memoriam
Pisa, in memory of ancient majesty.
Pius iustus fortis Clemens inclytus pacificus
Pius, just, active, gracious, highly esteemed and peaceful.
Pius IX Pont. Max.
Pius IX, Pope.
Pius VIII Pont. Max.
Pius VIII, Pope.
Pius VII Pon(tifex) M(aximus)
Pius VII, Pope.
Placidus D.G. Abb. Fuld. S.R.I. Pr. D.A. Arch. P. Germ. & Gall. Pr.
Placidus, D.G., Abbot of Fulda, Prince of S.R.I., Arch-chancellor of the the saintly August, Primate of Germany and Gaul.
P.M. Sa. Sc. Cz. nec no. Sv. Go. Va. He. Rex
Prussia, Masovia, Semgallia, Czersk as well as hereditary King of Sweden, Gothland, Vandalia.
Portae Inferi non Praevalebunt
The gates of hell shall not prevail.
Post Tenebras Lux
Light after darkness.
Posvi Deum Adivtorem Meum
I shall make God my helper.
Pour Etre Forts Soyons Unis
Let us be united to be strong.
Pr. Hersf. C.C.D.Z.N. et S.
Prince of Anhalt, Count of Aschersleben, Lord of Zerbst, Bernburg, Jever, and Knyphausen.
Primitiae Fodin Kuttenb. ab. Aerari. Iterum Susceptarum
First results dug from the Kuttenberg mines in a renewed undertaking.
Princ Aichst. Pas. et Ber. S.R.I.P. Elector
Prince of Eichstaedt, Passau, and Berchtesgaden, Prince of S.R.I., Elector.
Princ Aichst. Passau et Berchtolsgad
Prince of Eichstaedt, Passau, and Berchtesgaden.
Princ. Anhalt comi. Asca. frat et pat.
Princes of Anhalt, Counts of Aschersleben, brothers and cousins.
Princ. Finland Dvx Etho. et Cardom. Ing.
Prince of Finland, Duke of Estonia and Carelia, Lord in Ingermanland.
Princ. Gallic Magn. Elect. imp.
Prince of France, Grand Imperial Elector.
Principato di Lucca E Piombino
Principality of Lucca and Piombino.
Principe E Grand' Ammiragilo Di Francia
Prince and Grand Admiral of France.
Prin Statornicie La Izbana
Through stability to success.
Prin Statornicie La Izbanda
Through stability to success.
Prinz Jean vu Letzeburg
Prince Jean of Luxemburg.
Pro Deo et Ecclesia
For God and the Church.
Pro Deo et lege
For God and law.
Pro Deo et Populo
For God and the people.
Pro fide supra fidem Deo et Caesar, mors rapvit, non deficit alter
For his faith, beyond belief to God and emperor, death has seized him, neither fails.
Pro Lege et Grege
For the law and the flock.
Pro Patria Aris et Focis
For country, altars and hearths.
Protectione Virtute
By the protection of courage.
Protector Meus et in ipso Speravi Qui subdit Populum Meum sub Me
He is my protector and in Him have I hoped, who has conquered my people under me.
Protege nos Marin. Grim.
Protect us, Marino Grimani.
Protege Populum tuum Dominus Crusis per Signa- culum - Cosfeld
Protect Thy people, Lord, by the sign of the cross, the miraculous cross of Coesfeld.
Providentia Optimi Principis
With the forethought of the wisest leaders.
Prus Massalivxc nee non Sve. Got. Van. Haere
Prussia, Masovia as well as hereditary King of Sweden, Gothland, Vandalia.
Prus. Mas. Sam. Liv. nee no. Svec. Got. Van. He. Rex
Prussia, Masovia, Semgallia as well as hereditary King of Sweden, Gothland, and Vandalia.
Pulchra ut Luna Electa ut Sol
Beautiful as the moon, brilliant as the sun.