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Legends on Coins — R

Ratt och Sanning
Justice and truth.
Recta Tueri (or Tveri)
Defend the right.
Re d'Italia
King of Italy.
Reg. Cap. Bohe, et de Liechtenstein Co. M.
Count of the Royal Chapel of Bohemia and Liechtenstein, Count of Liechtenstein.
Regensburg (Ratisbon)
Regnat Firmat Pietas
Piety strengthens kingly rule.
Regni Tutelaris
Defender of the kingdom.
Regni Vtr. Sic. et Hier.
Of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and Jerusalem.
Regno Delle Due Sicilie
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
Regno D'Italia
Kingdom of Italy.
Reltersaule Maximilian's I Churfursten v. Bayern Errichtet v. Konig Ludwig I
Equestrian column of Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria, erected by King Ludwig I.
Remigio altissimi uni
After the will of the highest.
Repubblica de S(an) Marino
Republic of San Marino.
Repubblica Italiana
Italian Republic.
Repubblica Ligure
Ligurian Republic.
Repubblica Veneta
Venetian Republic.
Republica Bernensis
Republic of Bern.
Republica Ceskoslovenska
Republic of Czechoslovakia.
Republica Portuguesa, 5 de Outubro de 1910
Portugese Republic 5 October, 1910.
Republica Portuguese
Portugese Republic.
Republik Osterreich, funfzig schilling
Republic of Austria, 50 schilling.
Republique et Canton de Geneve
Republic and Canton of Geneva.
Requiesco a laboris meis
I rest from earthly labors.
Respublica S. Marini
Republic of San Marino.
Ret og Sandhed
Justice and truth.
Revolucion - Cinco Pesetas - Cantonal
Revolution, 5 pesetas, Cantonal.
Rex Lomb. et Ven. Dalm. Gal. Lod. III. A.A.
King of Lombardy and Venice, Dalmatia, Galicia, Lodomeria, Illyria, Archduke of Austria.
Rey Const. de Espana
Constitutional King of Spain.
Rey de Espana Y de Las Indias
King of Spain and the Indies.
Rey de Espana Y de Las Indias
King of Spain and the Indies.
Rey de las Espanas
King of the Spains.
Rey(i)na de Las Espanas
Queen of the Spains.
Reyna de Espana Y de Las Indias
Queen of Spain and the Indies.
Rigantur ut ornent
Let them be ruled that they may do honor.
Rmo. Celsmo D.D. Chrisoph Bern
From the most reverend, most sublime Lord, to Lord Christoph Bernhard, Bishop and Prince of Munster.
Roberto I D. DI PAR. PIAC. Ecc. E Luisa M. DI. Bord. Regg.
Robert I, Duke of Parma , Piacenza, Luisa Maria of Bourbon, Regent.
Royaume de Belgique
Kingdom of Belgium.
Rudolf. II Rom. Impera. Aug. P.F.D.
Rudolph II, R.I.S.A., with permission to be struck by decree.
Rudol II D.G. Roma Imp. Sem. Augu.
Rudolph II, by the grace of God, Roman Emperor, King of Germany, Hungary, Bohemia, also Holy Roman Empire.
Rudol. II Rom. Imperator Aug. P.F. De.
Rudolph II, R.I.S.A., with permission to be struck by decree.
Rudolph Augustus D.G. dux Bruns, et Lunaeb.
Rudolf August, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Rudolph Joan D.G. Case. A.R. Hun. Boh. Princ. A.A.
Rudolph John, D.G., Imperial and Royal Prince of Hungary and Bohemia, Archduke of Austria.
Rudolphus II D.G. Rom. Imp. Aug. Germ. Hung. Bohemiae. Rex.
Rudolph II, D.G., R.I.S.A., King of Hungary and Bohemia.
Rusie Prusie Magovie, Samog. Livoniae.
Russia, Prussia, Masovia, Semgallia, Livonia.
Rzeczpospolita Polska
Polish Republic.