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Legends on Coins — N

Nach Funfzig-Jahriger Regierung
For the fiftieth anniversary of the reign.
Nam ward genennet Jesus
His name was called Jesus.
Nap. Lowed. I. Kon. Van Holl.
Napoleon Louis I, King of Holland.
Napoleone Imperator E Re
Napoleon, Emperor and King.
Nascitur anno 1562 28 Mai
Born 28 May 1562.
Natus in arce Rudelst
Born in the castle of Rudolstadt.
Natus VII Dec. ao
Born December 7.
Navarre Rex
King of Navarre.
Navigare Necesse Est
It is necessary to navigate.
Nec Aspera Terrent
Nor do difficulties terrify.
Nec non Archid Av. Dvx Bv. Ma. Mo. C. Tyr.
And also Archduke of Austria, Dukes of Burgundy, Margrave of Moravia, Count of Tyrol.
Nec non Archiduces Aus. Dv. Bur. Landg. Als. Co. Phirt or Fert
And also Archdukes of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Landgrave of Alsace, Count of Phirt.
Nec non Archiduces Aust. Duces Burg. Comites Tirolis
And also Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Tirolis.
Nec non Svecorum Gator. Vandalorum Q Rex
And also hereditary King of Sweden, Gothland, Vandalia.
Nec Temere Nec Timide
Neither thoughtless nor timid.
Nec Temere Nec Timide
Neither rashly nor timidly.
Nicolaus Friedr. Peter Gr. H. v. Oldenburg
Nicholas Frederick Peter, Grand Duke of Oldenburg.
Nicolaus Sagredo Dvx Venetu
Nicolo Sagredo, Doge of Venice.
Nicol Contar. Dvx Ven.
Nicolo Contarini, Doge of Venice.
Nicol Cont. S. M. Venet.
Nicolo Contarini, St. Mark, Venice.
Nicol Donato Dvx Ven.
Nicolo Dona, Doge of Venice.
Nikolay I Ces. Wsz. Rossyi Krol Polski Panuiacy
Nicholas I, Tsar of all the Russians and present King of Poland.
Nisi Dominus Nobiscum
Unless the Lord be with us.
Nomen Domine est Turris Fortissima
The name of the Lord is the strongest tower.
Nomen Domini turris forissim.
The name of the Lord is the strongest tower.
Non Proderunt in die Vitionis
(They) will be of no avail on the day of Judgment.
Non Relinquam Vos Orphanos
I shall not leave you as orphans.
Non Vos Relinquam Orphanos
I shall not leave you orphans.
Nova Stocholm Moneta
New coin of Stockholm.
Novit lustus Causam Pauperum
The just man understands the cause of the poor.
Nulla Dolo Via Sub Bono Principe
There is no path for guile under a good prince.
Num exeq. lohan Georg I.S.R. Imp. archim. e. El. Sax. I.C.M.D. Asser.
Coin in memory of Johann Georg, Saxony, Julich, Cleves, Berg, Angria and Westphalia, Landgrave of Thuringia, Margrave of Meissen, Prince of Henneberg, Count of Mark and Ravensberg, Lord in Ravenstein.
Num exequial principis optimi pii prudentis benefic. I.
Coin in memory of the excellent prince, Pius, prudent and good.
Nummus Reip. Norimberg. nach dem alten Schrot und Korn
Money of the Republic of Nuremberg according to the old standard and weight.
Nurinberga Div Christi sit tuta sub Umbra
Nuremberg be safe under the shadow of divine Christ.