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Legends on Coins — Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel

1 Thaler Hz. Br. L.L.M.
One thaler, dukedom of Brunswick and Luneburg, land money.
Alles mit Bedacht
Everything with thought.
Antonius Ulricus D.G. Dux Br. et Lun.
Anton Ulric, D.G., Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg.
Augusti aeternum virtutem fanrta coronata, D.G. dux Br. e. Lun.
Appreciation crowns the eternal Virtue of August, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Augustus D.G. dux Brunvicens et Lunaeburg
August, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Augustus D.G. Saxon Angar. e. West.
August, Duke of Saxony, Julich, Cleves, Berg, Angria, and Westphalia, Landgrave of Thuringia, Margrave of Meissen, Prince of Henneberg, Count of Mark and Ravensberg, Lord in Ravenstein.
Augustus hertzog zu Brauns. und Lunaeb.
August Duke, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Augustus lun. Dei Gra. dux
August the younger
Augustus lunior D.G. dux Br. et Lunaeb. Clarae Mariae Pomeran Coniungis so avissimae memoriae cum lachrymis
August the younger, D.G., Dux Br. et Lun. Clara Maria of Pomerania.
Augustus Wllhelmus D.G. Dux Br. et Lun.
August Wilhelm, D.G., Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg.
Candidus Haec Profert Montanus Praemia Cygnus
The mine of the White Swan presents these prizes.
Carolus D.G. Dux Brunsvlc. et Luneb.
Karl, D.G., Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg.
Carolus Gull. Ferd. Dux Brunsv. et Lun.
Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, D.G., Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg.
Christian D.G. dux Brunsuic. et L.
Christian, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Christian Hertz, zu Braunschw. v. Lunenb.
Christian Hertz, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Christo Purloris Religionls Conservator! etc.
To Christ, the preserver of a purer religion, divinely received with the evangelical doctrine, strengthened 200 years ago through the Augsburg Confession, the church of the lands of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel has paid the thanks due, mindful of benefits. 25 June 1730.
Dei G. Christian lunior dux Brun, et Lun.
Christian junior, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Dei Gratia Augustus dux Brunovicensium et Lunaeburgens
Augustus, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Deo et patria
For God and fatherland.
Deservisse Iwat
It aids to have served zealously.
D.G. Anthon (Antonlus) Ulrlch (Ulrlcus) Dux Br. & Lun.
D.G., Anton Ulrich, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg.
D.G. Anton Ulrich dux Br. et Lun.
Anton Ulrich, D.G., Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
D.G. Augustus der lunger H. z. Brun. U. Lun.
Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
D.G. Augustus Wllhelmus Dux Br. & Lun.
D.G., August Wilhelm, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg.
D.G. Carolus Dux. Brunsvlc. & Luneberg
D.G., Karl, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg.
D.G. Christian IV dux Bruns, et Lun.
Christian IV, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
D.G. Rud. Aug. & Anth. Ulr. d. Br. et Lu.
Rudolph August and Anton Ulrich, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
D.G. Rudolph Augustus dux Bruns et Lunae
Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Die Menschen in der Weldt trachten also nach Gelt
The people in this world (always) strive for money.
Duibus fulcris securius
There is more security with two supports.
Ferdinand Albert D.G. dux Bruns. & Lun.
Ferdinand Albert, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Frideric Ulric D.G. dux Brunsvic et Lun.
Frideric Ulric, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Gottes Freundt der Pfaffen Feindt
God's friend is the priest's enemy.
Henricus Julius D.G.P. Ep. Halb, dux Brunsvic et Lu.
Heinrich Julius, Prince Bishop of Halberstadt, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Honestum pro patria
Honorable for my country.
Insolubili nexu uniti
Indissolubly united.
lure et armis
By right and arms.
Mo. no. arg. A. U.P.D.G.G.D.B. & L.D.I.FI.S.D.G.
New silver coin, August honor is alone to God.
Omnia non nisi provido et vegeto Consilio
Everything only after careful and mature consideration.
Quae laeta fronde virebam, nunc rigui
Once I stood in abundant leaves; now I am bare.
Remigio altissimi uni
After the will of the highest.
Requiesco a laboris meis
I rest from earthly labors.
Rudolph Augustus D.G. dux Bruns, et Lunaeb.
Rudolf August, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Seren. pr. et dom. Augustus Frider. d. Br. et Lun.
Serene prince and lord August Friedrich, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Sic transit gloria mundi
Thus passes the glory of the world.
Sincere et Constanter
Sincere and constant.
Spreto volat altior orbe
Having rejected the world, he flies higher.
Tandem patientia victrix
At last patience will be victorious.
Ut conchas auge nostra metalla Deus
Like shells, oh Lord, increase our metals.
Ut frontibus ita frondibus coniungtissimi
In their opinion, they stand as close together as leaves on a tree.
Uti sic nisi
Just as, unless.
Vera spientia et pietas fastidit terrena avolat et reci-pitur ad aeterna
True wisdom and sense of duty disdain earthly things, take flight, and seek eternal things
V.G.G. Anna Sophia geborne aus Churf, stam. z. Brandenb. herzogin z. Bruns, u. Lun.
Anna Sophia, born of the electoral line of Brandenburg, Duchess of Brunswick and Luneburg.
V.G.G. Hedwig aus furstl. stam Brauns, u. Lun. h.z.S. Pomer. W.
Hedwig of the princely line of Brunswick and Luneburg, Duchess of Stettin, Pomerania, and Vandalia.
Von Gottes Gnaden Augustus herzog zu Brunswick und Lunab.
D.G. Augustus, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
Zur Feier der 25 Jaehrigen Regierung
For the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the reign.