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Legends on Coins — Italy

A Domino Factum est Istud
By the Lord this was done.
Adversis Provecta Notis
Sailing against unknown adversaries.
Agricoltura e Commercio
Agriculture and Commerce.
Albericus Cybo Malasp. Prin. Ma.
Alberico Cybo-Malaspina, Prince of Massa.
Alex. Dei Gra. Ac Sacri Rom. Imp. Dux M.I.
Alessandro, D.G., first Duke of Mirandola.
Alex. Dux Mir. I. Con. Mar. Ill S. Mart. In Spi. Dom.
Alessandro, first Duke of Mirandola, third Margrave of Concordia, Lord of San Martino in Spino.
Alex Farus Dux III Pla. P
Alessandro Farnese, third Duke of Parma and Piacenza.
Cinque Lire Italiane Firenze, Marzo 1861
Five Italian lire, Florence, March, 1961.
Dieci Lire
Ten lire.
Dio Benedite L'Italia
God bless Italy.
E Imperator
and Emperor.
Fert, Fert, Fert
(A monogram)
Indipendenza Italiana
Italian Independence.
Meglio Vivere Un Giorno Da Leone Che Cento Anni Da Pecora
Better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep.
Napoleone Imperator E Re
Napoleon, Emperor and King.
Re d'Italia
King of Italy.
Regno D'Italia
Kingdom of Italy.
Repubblica Italiana
Italian Republic.
Umberto I Re D'Italia
Humbert I, King of Italy.
Vitt. Em. III Re
Victor Emmanuel III, King.
Vittorio Emanuele II
Victor Emmanuel II.
Vittorio Emanuele III
Victor Emmanuel III.
Vittorio Emanuele II Re d'ltalia
Victor Emmanuel II, King of Italy.