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Legends on Coins — Mantua

Alta a Longe Cognoscit
Lofty things he knows from afar.
Arch. Aust. Dux Bu. et Mantuae
Archduke of Austria. Duke of Burgundy and Mantua.
Carolus D.G. Dux Mantuae VIII
Carlo, D.G., eighth Duke of Mantua.
Carolus I Dei G. Dux Mantuae VIII et Mon. Fer. VI
Carlo I, D.G., eighth Duke of Mantua and sixth of Monferrato.
Carolus I D.G. Dux Man. et Mon. Fer. et C
Carlo I, D.G., Duke of Mantua and Monferrato.
Carolus II D.G. Dux Man. IX et M.F. et C.
Carlo II, D.G., ninth Duke of Mantua, and Monferrato.
Carolus II D.G. Dux Mant. Mont, et Ar. P.
Carlo II, D.G., Duke of Mantua, Monferrato and Prince of Arches.
Carol VI D.G. (Ro(m). Imp. S.A. Ger(m). Hisp. Hu(ng) (et) Bo(h) Rex
Karl VI, D.G., R.I.S.A., King of Germany, Spain, Hungary, and Bohemia.
Convenlenta Culque
For everyone's convenience.
Dominus Probasti
Lord, thou hast proved (me).
Immobilis in Motu
Immovable, in motion.
Maria Mater Gratiae Protectrix Nostra
Mary, mother of grace, our protectress.
Tu Autem Permanes
Thou, however, dost remain.
Vincenti II D.G. Dux Mantuae VII et Montis Ferrati
Vincentio II, DG, seventh Duke of Mantua and fifth Duke of Monferrato.