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Legends on Coins — S

Sac. Caes. Ma. Anter. Provinc. Plen. Gub.
Holy imperial majesty, plenipotentiary governor of the anterior provinces.
Sac. Rom. Imp. archimarschall et elect et vicarius
Archmarshal, Elector and Vicar of the S.R.I.
Sac. Rom. Imp. Princeps Com. de Lamberg
Prince of S.R.I., Count of Lamberg.
Sac. Rom. Imp. Prlnceps.
Prince of S.R.I.
Sac. Rom. Imp. Prlnc ex Comltlbus de Rabatta
Prince of S.R.I, from the Counts of Rabatta.
Sac. Rom. Imp. Provlsor Iterum
Administrator of S.R.I, for the second time.
Saeculo a Pace Westphalia Exacto
A century having been completed from the Peace of Westphalia.
Salus Populi
The safety of the people.
Salus Reipublicae Suprema Lex
Supreme law is the safety of the state.
Salvam Fac Rempublicam Tuam
Your state safe in union.
Salyatore Mundi Salva Nos
Saviour of the world, save us.
Sam. Livae Nec no. Sve. Got. Vand. Q Haeri Rex
Semgallia, Livonia as well as hereditary King of Sweden, Gothland, and Vandalia.
Sanct. Udabricus Epis. Augustanus
St. Ulrich, Bishop of Augsburg.
Sanctus Anthonius Eremiter
St. Anthony, hermit.
Sanctus Findanus
St. Findan.
Sanctus Georgius Protect. Decia
St. George, Protector of Desana.
Sanctus Kilianus
St. Kilian
Sanctus Leodegarius
St. Leodegarius.
Sanctus Leodigarius Patron
St Leodigarius, Patron.
Sanctus Ludgerus Episcopus Fundator
St. Ludgerus, Bishop and Founder.
Sanctus Marcus Evang.
St. Mark, evangelist.
Sanctus Marcus Venet.
St. Mark of Venice.
Sanctus Marcus Venetus
St. Mark of Venice.
Sanctus Martinus
St. Martin.
Sanctus Matthaeus Apostolus
St. Matthew, Apostle.
Sanctus Mauritius
St. Maurice.
Sanctus Rudbertus Eps. Salisburge
St. Rupert, Bishop of Salzburg.
Sanctus Steffanus Promartyr
St. Stephan, first martyr.
Sanctus Ubertus Episc. Protector
St. Ubertus, Bishop, Protector.
Sanctus Ursus Mart.
St. Ursus, martyr.
Sanctus Vitus Patronus Corbeiensis
St. Vitus, Patron of Corvey.
Sanctus Willibaldus
St. Willibald.
Sanctus Willibaldus Episcopus Eystettensis
St. Willibald, Bishop of Eichstaedt.
S. Andreasberg
Sankt Andreasberg.
S. Annae Fundgruben Ausb. Tha. In N. Oe.
St. Anne mine, mining thaler in Lower Austria.
S. Antoninus Mart. Prot. Plac.
St. Anton, martyr, Protector of Piacenza.
Sa. Se. Cz. nee non Sve. Go. Va. H. Rex
Semgallia, Severia, Czersk and also hereditary King of Sweden, Gothland, Vandalia.
Saxonicus nat. VII Octob. MDXCVI futurus Achilles
Saxon future Achilles born 7 Oct. 1596
S. Carolus Magnus Fundator
St. Charles the Great, Founder.
Schweizer(tsche) Eidsgenoss(enschaft)
Swiss Federal.
Scipio Card. Burghesius Leg. Aven
Scipione Borghese, Cardinal Legate of Avignon.
Scudo di Lire Sei 27 Pratile Anno VIII
Scudo of 6 lire, June 16, 1800.
Sebastian D.G. Epis. Passanien S.R.I. Pr. Com. d. Potting.
Sebastian, D.G., Bishop of Passau, Prince of S.R.I., Count of Potting.
Sebastianus D.G. Epus. Wrat.
Sebastian, D.G., Bishop of Breslau.
Seculum Lutheranam
The century of Luther.
Secundum voluntatem tuam Domine
Your will, oh Lord, shall occur.
Sedebit in Pulchritudine Pacis
Seated in the splendor of peace.
Sede Vacante
The chair being vacant.
Se(e)gen des Mansfelder Bergbaues
Blessings of the Mansfeld mines.
Segen des Anhalt Bergbaues
Blessings of the Anhalt mines.
Segen des Badischer Bergbaues
Blessings of the Baden mines.
Segen des Bergbau
Blessings of the mines.
Segen des Himmels
Blessings of heaven.
Seinem Vater Carl Friederich dem Gesegneten
To his father Carl Frederick the Victorious.
Seren. pr. et dom. Augustus Frider. d. Br. et Lun.
Serene prince and lord August Friedrich, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.
S. Francis Protect. Noster
St. Francis, our protector.
S. Georgius Ferrariae Protector
St. George, Protector of Ferrara.
S. Heinricus, S. Kunigunda
Saint Heinrich, Saint Kunigunda.
S. Hildegard Imp. Ex. Svev. Ducib. Fundator
Saint Hildegard, Empress from the Dukes of Swabia, Foundress.
S.HR.C. & N.D.L.S.D.V. & A.B.U.
Simon Heinrich, Count and noble Lord of Lippe, supreme Lord of Vianen and Ameiden, Burgrave of Utrecht.
Sicilae et His. Rex
King of Sicily and Spain.
Sic transit gloria mundi
Thus passes the glory of the world.
Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos
If God can be for us, who can be against us?
Si (Deus) pro Nobis Quis contra Nos
If God be for us, who can be against us?
Sieges Thaler
Victory taler.
Sigis. Ill D.G. Rex Poloniae Magnus Dux Livon. Russ. Prusiae
Sigismund III, D.G., King of Poland, Grand Duke of Livonia, Russia, Prussia.
Sigismundus Franc. D.G. Archidux Aust.
Sigismund Franz, D.G., Archduke of Austria.
Sigismundus III D.G. Rex Poloniae et Sveciae Rex, M.D. Lit. Russ. Prus. Maso.
Sigismund III, D.G., King of Poland and Sweden, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Russia, Prussia, Masovia.
Silvester Valerio Dux Venet
Silvester Valier, Doge of Venice.
Silve. Valerio S.M. Venetu
Silvestro Valier, St Mark, Venice.
S. Immaculata Vir. Mar. Mat. Dei Pat. Hunga.
Saint Maria, immaculate virgin, martyr, mother of God, Patron of Hungary.
Simon comes et nobiiis dominus in Lippia
Simon, Count and noble Lord of Lippe.
Simon Henr, graf und edler h. zur Lipp.
Simon Heinrich, Count and noble Lord of Lippe.
Simon Henrick c & nob. dom in Lipp.
Simon Heinrich, Count and noble Lord of Lippe
Sincere et Constanter
Sincere and constant.
Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum
Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Sit Pax int. Muros et Prospe. in Palat. tuis
Let peace be within the walls and prosperity within your courts.
Sit T. Xpe. Dat. Q. Tv. Regis Iste Ducat
May this royal ducat be dedicated to thee, Christ.
Sles. Hosa. Stor. E. Ditma. Com. Ol. E. De.
Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, Stormark, and Ditmarsh, Count of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst.
S. loannes Baptista
St. John the Baptist.
Slovenska Republica
Slovakian Republic.
S. Marcus Protector
St. Mark, Venice.
S. Marcus Venetus
St. Mark, Venice.
S. Maria Mater Dei Patrona Hung.
Blessed Mary, Mother of God, Patron of Hungary.
Smo. Seve. Czer. Que. nee non Svec. Got. Van. H. Rex
Smolensk, Severia, Czersk as well as hereditary King of Sweden, Gothland, Vandalia.
S.M.V. Aloysius Cont. D.
St. Mark of Venice, Alvise Contarini, Doge.
S.M.V. Carol Contar Dux
St. Mark of Venice, Carlo Contarini, Doge.
S.M. Ven. Bert. Valer. D.
St. Mark of Venice, Bertucci Valier, Doge.
S.M. Ven. Domln. Cont. Dux
St. Mark of Venice, Domenico Contarini, Doge.
S.M. Venet. Anton Priolo
St. Mark of Venice, Antonio Priuli.
S.M. Venet. Leonard Dux
St. Mark of Venice, Leonardo Dona.
S.M. Venet. Leon. Donat
St. Mark of Venice, Leonardo Dona.
S.M. Venet. Marin. Grimano
St. Mark of Venice, Marino Grimani.
S.M. Venetus M. Ant. Memo. Du.
St. Mark of Venice, Marcantonio Memo, Doge.
S.M. Ven. Franc. Erizzo Dux
St. Mark of Venice, Francesco Erizzo, Doge.
S.M. Ven. Francis Cont.
St. Mark of Venice, Francesco Contarini.
S.M. Ven. Franc. Molino D.
St. Mark of Venice, Francesco Molin, Doge.
S.M. Ven. loan Cornel
St. Mark of Venice, Giovanni Corner.
S.M. Ven. loan. Pisavro D.
St. Mark of Venice, Giovanni Pesaro.
S.M.V. Franc. Cornel
St. Mark of Venice, Francesco Corner.
S.M.V. Franc. Maurocensus D.
St. Mark of Venice, Francesco Morosini.
S.M.V.M. Ant. lustinianus D.
St. Mark of Venice, Marcantonio Guistinian, Doge.
S.M.V. Nicol. Sagredo D.
St. Mark of Venice, Nicolo Sagredo, Doge.
S.M.V. Silvester Valerio Dux
St. Mark of Venice, Silvestro Valier, Doge.
Soberania Nacional
National Sovereignty.
So blicken die Erstling des Segens herfur.
The firstborn of the blessing of heaven has appeared.
Sola duces virtus vi decet ira truces
Only valor is due to princes, but only the irascibles are violent.
Sola gloriosa quae iust
Only the glorious is what is righteous.
Sola spes mea
My only hope.
Solf Deo Gloria Civit. Cibin.
God alone the glory,* city of Hermannstadt.
Soli Deo Gloria
God alone the glory.
Soli Deo Honor et Gloria
God alone the glory and honor.
Soli Deo Opt. Max. Laus et Gloria
To God alone, the best and mightiest (be) praise and glory.
Solius Virtutis Flos Perpetuus
Of virtue alone is the everlasting flower.
Sophia march. Brandenb. nata ducessa Brunswic Luneb.
Sophia, Margravine of Brandenburg, born Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg.
Sous Le Regne du Roi Leopold III
In the reign of King Leopold III.
S. Paulus Apostolus Patronus Monasterien
St. Paul, Apostle, Patron of Munster.
S. Paulus Patron Monasterien
St. Paul, Patron of Munster.
Spes confisa Deo nunquam confusa recedit
Hope that trusts in God, the disconcerted, never gives up.
Spes non Confundit
Hope does not confound.
Splendet a Maiestate Eius
The splendor of his majesty shines.
Spreto volat altior orbe
Having rejected the world, he flies higher.
S.R.E. Tit. S. Petri in Mont. Aur. Card. Archiep. Olom.
Cardinal Archbishop of Olmutz.
S.R.I. Per. Germ. Archican. et Princ. El.
Arch-chancellor of S.R.I, for Germany, Prince and Elector.
S.R.I.P. Germ. Archican. & Prin. El. Eps. Worm.
Arch-chancellor of Germany, Prince, Elector, and Bishop of Worms.
S.S. Rubertus et Virgilius Patroni Salisburgensis
Saints Rupert and Virgilius, Patrons of Salzburg.
S.S. Rubertus et Virgilius Patroni Salisburgensis, Transferuntur 24 Sept.
Saints Rupert and Virgilius, Patrons of Salzburg, transferred Sept. 24.
Standbild A. Durer's Errichtet zu Nurnberg
Statue of Albrecht Durer, erected at Nuremberg.
Standbild des Canzler's Freyherrn v. Kreittmayr, Errichtet in Munchen 1845
Statue of Chancellor Baron von Kreittmayr, erected in Munich, 1845.
Standbild des Furstbischof's Julius Echter v. Mespelbrunn, Errichtet zu Wurzburg 1847
Statue of Bishop-Elector Julius Echter of Mespelbrunn, erected at Wurzburg, 1847.
Standbild des Johann Christoph Ritter von Gluck, Errichtet in Munchen v. Konig Ludwig I 1848
Statue of John Christopher, Knight von Gluck, erected at Munich by King Ludwig I, 1848.
Standbild des Roland de Latre gen. Orlando di Lasso, Errichtet in Munchen v. Konig Ludwig I 1849
Statue of Roland de Lattre called Oriando di Lasso, erected in Munich by King Ludwig I, 1849.
Standbild Jean Paul Friedrich Richter's, Errichtet zu Bayreuth 1841
Statue of Jean Paul Frederick Richter, erected at Bayreuth, 1841.
St. Andreas reviviscens
Saint Andreas, reviving.
Stark im Recht
Strong in justice.
Stato Pantificio
The Papal State.
Stetini Pom. Cas. Vand. Rugiae Q. Princeps
Stettin, Pomerania, Cassubia, Vandalia, Rugen and Prince.
Stiftung des Ludwigs-Ordens
Founding of the Ludwig Order.
Stiriae Carint. Cam. Land. Als.
Styria, Karnten, Landgrave of Alsace.
Storm. & Dit. Com. in Old. & Delm.
Stormark and Ditmarshen, Count in Oldenburg and Delmenhorst.
Strena ex argyrocopeo vallis S. Christoph e. O.
New Year's gift from the silver mines of St. Christopher.
Sub cruce
Under the cross.
Sub Pondere
Under the weight (power).
Sub tuum Praesidium Confugimus
We fly to Thy protection
Sub Tuum Presidium
Under thy protection.
Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum
Protect me under the shadow of thy wings.
Super Omnia Germania Fides
German loyalty above all things.
Supra Firmam Petram
Upon a firm rock.
Supr. dom. Pr. M.I.C.M.S.P.C.V.S.C.C.D.B.N.
Margrave of Brandenburg, Arch-chamberlain and Elector of the H.R.E., Duke of Magdeburg, Prussia, Julich, Cleves, and Berg. Stettin, Pomerania, Cassubia, Vandalia, also Duke in Silesia of Krossen and Jagerndorf. Burgrave of Nuremberg, Prince of Rugen, Count of Mark and Ravensberg, Lord in Ravenstein, Prince of Halberstadt, Minden, Cammin.
Suprem. per. ut. Sil. caput.
Supreme leader for both Silesiae.
Supremus Bulloniensis Dux
Supreme Duke of Bouillon.
Supremus dux in Prussia
Supreme Duke in Prussia.
Supremus Princeps Archensis
Supreme Prince of Arches.
Supremus Princeps Sedanensis et Raucurtie
Supreme Prince of Sedan and Raucourt.
Susceptor Noster Deus
God is our defense.
Susclpe et Protege
Support and protect us.
Susten tante Deo
With the help of God
Suum Cuique
To each his own.
Suum Cuique, Loenungs Thaler
To each his own, coronation thaler.
Sve. Goth. Wand. Rex
King of Sweden, Gothland, Vandalia.
Svenska Folkets Lagbundna Frihet
Freedom within the law of the Swedish people.
Svensk. Odlings Beframjare
Promoter of Swedish culture.
Sveriges Riksdag
Swedish Parliament.
S. Vltalis Parmae Protector
St. Vitalis, Protector of Parma.
S. Wences. Ecclae. Olomucens pat.
St. Wenceslaus, Patron of the Olmutz Church.
Sydera Favent Industrlae
The stars favor industry.
Sylvarum Culturae Praemium
Prize for the culture of the forest.
Sylvius Fridericus D.G. dux Wurtemb. Teck in Sil. Ols
Sylvius Friedrich, Duke of Wurttemberg and Teck, Count of Mompelgard, in Silesia-Oels, Bernstadt, or Berolstein.
Symb. alle Ding zum Besten wenden und mein Leben seelig enden
The Lord is the symbol of everything that turns things to the best and which provides for going to heaven.
Symbolum wie Gott will mir geschehe
A symbol like God has been given to me.
Symb. pro aris et focis
A symbol for the altars and homes.
Symb. tandem fir surculus arbor
Figuratively, the shoot at last becomes a tree.
Syrus Austria S.R. Imp. Prin, et Co. Fab. Com.
Siro Austriacus, Prince of S R.I and Count of Correggio.
Szechenyi, Istvan
Stephen Szechenyi.
Szt. Istvan
St. Stephen.
Szuletesenek 75 Evfordulojara
75th anniversary of his birth.