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Legends on Coins — Netherlands

Da Pacem Domini in Diebus Nostr
Give peace, Lord, in our days.
De Namm des Heeren zy Geloofd
The name of the Lord be praised.
Deus Fortitudo et Spes Nostra
God is our strength and hope.
Eendragt Maakt Magt
Union makes strength.
Hac Nitimur Hanc Tuemur
With this we strive, this we will defend.
Luctor et Emergo
I struggle and survive.
Mo. Arg. Pro Conf(oederatiae) Belg(ii) D(ucatus) Gel(riae) and C(omitatus) Z(utphaniae)
Silver money of the Confederated Belgian Provinces, Duchy of Gelderland and County of Zutphen.
Mo. No. Arg. Pro. Confoe. Belg. Trai.....Holl.
New silver money of the confederated Belgian Provinces - Utrecht or Holland.
Mo. Ord. Provin. Foed. Belg. ad Leg. Imp.
Regular coin of Province of the Belgian Confederation by imperial decree.
Munt van Het Koningryk Der Nederlanden
Money of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Nisi Dominus Nobiscum
Unless the Lord be with us.
Urbe Obsessa
The city is besieged.
Vigilate Deo Confidented.
Watch with confidence in God.
Wilhelmina Koningin der Nederlanden
Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands.
Willem III Koning der Ned. G.H.V.L.
William III, King of the Netherlands.
Willem II Koning der Ned. G.H.V.L.
William II, King of the Netherlands.
Willem Koning der Ned(erlanden) G(root) H(ertog) V(an) L(uxemburg)
William, King of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxembourg.