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Legends on Coins — Breslau

A lova Principium
The begining from Jove.
Car. Ferd. P.P. et S. Eps. Wrat.
Karl Ferdinand, Prince of Poland and Sweden, Bishop of Breslau.
Carolus Ferdinandus D.G. Princeps Polon. et(&) Sveci.
Karl Ferdinand, Prince of Poland and Sweden.
Com. Palat. Rheni. Bavar. I.C. et M.D.
Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria, Julich, Cleves, and Berg.
Epis. Wratis. et Pio. Dux Oppoli. et Rati.
Bishop of Breslau and Plock, Duke of Oppeln and Ratibor.
Ferdina. D.G. Ro. I.S.A.G.H. Bo. Rex Dux Sil.
Ferdinand, D.G , R.I.S.A., King of Germany, Hungary, and Bohemia, Duke of Silesia.
Franc. Ludov. D.G. Episc. Wratisl.
Franz Ludwig, D G , Bishop of Breslau.
Fridericus S.R.E. Card. Pnps. Landg. Hass. Eps. Vratisl.
Friedrich, Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, Prince and Landgrave of Hesse, Bishop of Breslau.
Leopold. D.G. R.I.S.A.G.H.B.& A.A.D.S.
Leopold, D.G., R.I.S.A., King of Germany, Hungary, and Bohemia, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Silesia.
Moneta Nova Sen. Pop. Q. Vratislav.
New money of the Senate and people of Breslau.
Moneta S.P.Q. Wratislaviens
Money of the Senate and the people of Breslau.
Munus Caesar Maximiliani I
Money of Emperor Maximilian I.
Omnis Potestas a Deo est
All power is from God.
Pro Deo et Ecclesia
For God and the Church.
Sebastianus D.G. Epus. Wrat.
Sebastian, D.G., Bishop of Breslau.