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Legends on Coins — Nuremberg

Arx esto huic Urbi Deus et Fortissima Turris
May God be the fortess and a very strong tower of the city.
Benedlctus Domlnus Qul Dedlt Pacem In Flnlbus Nostrls
Lord Benedict who established peace in our borders.
Candida Pax Redeat Pax Regnet in Orbe et in Urbe
May honorable peace return, may peace reign in the world and in the city.
Carolus VI D.G. Rom. Imp. S.A. Germ. H.H. & B.R. Ar. A.
Karl VI, D.G., R.I.S.A., King of Germany. Spain, Hungary, and Bohemia. Archduke of Austria.
Exoptata Div. Pax Coeli ex Munere venit
Much desired divine peace comes from the gift of Heaven.
Expectata Redi Pax; Pax superum avrea Proles
There comes the expected peace; the peace of the golden fruit of heaven.
Matthias D.G. Roman Imp. Semper Augustus
Matthias, D.G., R.I.S.A.
Moneta Argentea Reipublicae Norimburg
Silver money of the Republic of Nuremberg.
Moneta Argentea Reipublicae Nurenburgensis
Silver money of the Republic of Nuremberg.
Moneta Nova Argentea Reipub. Norimbergensis
New silver money of the Republic of Nuremberg.
Moneta Nova Reipublicae Norimbergensis
New money of the Republic of Nuremberg.
Moneta Reipublicae Norimbergen
Money of the Republic of Nuremberg.
Nummus Reip. Norimberg. nach dem alten Schrot und Korn
Money of the Republic of Nuremberg according to the old standard and weight.
Nurinberga Div Christi sit tuta sub Umbra
Nuremberg be safe under the shadow of divine Christ.
Pax adsit Bellum fugiat Pestique Severa
May there be peace and may war and dreadful plague flee.
S.R.I. Per. Germ. Archican. et Princ. El.
Arch-chancellor of S.R.I, for Germany, Prince and Elector.
S.R.I.P. Germ. Archican. & Prin. El. Eps. Worm.
Arch-chancellor of Germany, Prince, Elector, and Bishop of Worms.
Veni Aut Subvenituis O Christe Redemptor
Oh Christ, Redeemer, come or help the saved.
Vividi Pax Christi Servet nos Tempore Tristi.
May the peace of the living Christ preserve us in these sad times.