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Legends on Coins — Trier

0. T. Ep. Wor. & Wra. P. El. C.M.C.P. Rh.B.I.C.8, M. Dux
Of the Teutonic Order, Bishop of Worms and Breslau, Provost of Ellwangen, Coadjutant of Mainz, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria, Julich, Cleves, and Berg.
Archie, et Prlnc. El. Epis. Splr. Admr. Prum. Praep. Weiss.
Arch-chancellor, Prince, Elector and Bishop of Speyer, Administrator of Pruem, Provost of Weissenburg.
Capitulum Metropolitanum Trevirense
The Chapter of the Metropolitan Church of Trier.
Carl Caspar D.G. Arcep. Trevi. P. Elect. Adm. Prum
Karl Kaspar, Archbishop of Trier, Prince, Elector, and Administrator of Prum.
Carl D.G. Archiep. Trev. S.R.I.P. Pi. et Elect. Ep. Osnabru. Admin. Prumi
Karl, D.G., Archbishop of Trier, Prince of S.R.I., Provost and Elector. Bishop of Osnabruck, Administrator of Pruem.
Carol Caspar D.G. Archiep. Trevir. Princ. Elect. Admi. Prum
Karl Kaspar, Archbishop of Trier, Prince, Elector, and Administrator of Prum.
Carolus ex Due Loth. & Barr. Nat. Vlennae
Karl of the Dukes of Lorraine and Bar. Born at Vienna Nov. 24, 1680, a nephew of Leopold the great and august through his sister, Grand Prior of the Order of Malta for Castile and Leon, elected Coadjutor of Olmutz Sept. 14, 1694, made Bishop of the same place in 1695. Elected Bishop of Osnabruck April 11, 1698. Coadjutor of Trier Sept. 24, 1710. Became Elector Jan. 4, 1711. Died Vienna Dec. 4, 1715. May his soul live in God.
Clem. Wenc. D.G. A. Ep. & El. Trev. Ep. Aug. P. Pr. Elv. Adm. Prum. P.P.R. Pol. D. Sax.
Clemens Wenceslaus. D.G., Archbishop and Elector of Trier, Bishop of Augsburg, Provost and Prince of Ellwangen, perpetual Administrator of Pruem, royal Prince of Poland, Duke of Saxony.
Clem. Wenc. D.G. A. Ep(isc) Trev. S.R.I.A.C. & El.
Clemens Wenceslaus. D.G., Archbishop of Trier. Arch- Chancellor and Elector of S.R.I.
Constanter et Sincere
Constantly and sincerely.