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Legends on Coins — Werden & Helmstaedt

Anselmus D.G.S.R.I. Abbas Werdlnensls & Helmstad
Anselm, D.G., S.R.I., Abbot of Werden and Helmstaedt.
Benedlctus D.G. S.R.I. Abbas Werdenensls & Helmstadlensis
Benedict, D.G., Abbot of Werden and Helmstaedt of S.R.I.
Matthias I D.G. Elec. Ro. Imp. Sem. Augu.
Matthias I, D.G., Elector, R.I.S.A.
Matth. I D.G. Ele. Rom. Im. Semper Aug.
Matthias I, D.G., elected R.I.S.A.
Sanctus Ludgerus Episcopus Fundator
St. Ludgerus, Bishop and Founder.