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Legends on Coins — Quedlinburg

Anna Sophia P.B.R.H.I.B.A.Z.Q.G.Z.V.V.S.
Anna Sophia, Palatine of the Rhine, Duchess in Bavaria, Abbess of Quedlinburg, Countess of Veldenz and Sponheim.
Ardua Difficilt Adscensu
Arduous with difficult ascent.
Mathi. D.G. Roman. Imper. Semper Aug.
Matthias, D.G., R.I.S.A.
Wer nach dem eitlen Tracht, und Gottes Wort veracht, bestrafft des hochsten Macht.
He who longs for vanity, and uses the name of the Lord in vain will be punished by the supreme.