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Legends on Coins — Papal States

Alexander VIII Pont. Max.
Alexander VIII, P.M.
Alex VII Pont. Max. Romae
Alexander VII.
Anno lubilei
Jubilee year.
Auxilium de Sancto
Aid from the Sanctuary.
Auxilium de Sancto
Aid from the Saint.
Barbarae Basilic. Liber.
The Church of Liberius.
Beato Pio V
Blessed Pius V.
Benedict XIV P.M. et Arch. Bon.
Benedict XIV. Pope and Archbishop of Bologna.
Benedlct(us) XIV P.M. Bonon(lensls)
Benedict XIV, Pope of Bologna.
Bened. XIV Pont. Max.
Bened. XIV Pont. Max.
Bononia Docet
Bologna is the teacher.
Camillus Card. Pamphilius Legat. Aven.
Camillo Pamphili, Cardinal Legate of Avignon.
Clausis Foribus Veniet et Dabit Pacem
When the doors are opened, he will come and give peace.
Clemens IX Pont. Max.
Clement IX, P.M.
Clemens XIII Pont. Max
Clement XIII, Pope.
Clemens XII Pont. Max.
Clement XII, Pope.
Clemens X Pont. Max. An. lub.
Clement X, P.M , jubilee year.
Cogito Cogitationes Pacis
I think thoughts of peace.
Dabit Fructum Suum in Tempore
He shall give his fruit in due season.
Dabitur Vobis Paracletus
A comforter shall be given you.
Da Recta Sapere
May we correctly understand.
Deflult et Inflult
It flows down and flows in.
Deus Pacis Conteret Satanam
The God of peace shall destroy Satan.
Dextera Tua Domine Percussit Inimicum
Thy right hand, Oh Lord, has struck the enemy.
Diligit Dnus. Portas Sion
The Lord loves the gates of Zion.
Dispersit Debit Pauperibus I.E.M.I.S.S.
He hath dispersed, he hath given to the poor, his justice endures forever.
Egrediatur Populus et Colligat
Let the people go forth and gather together.
Emitte Spiritum Tuum
Send forth thy spirit.
Erit Ligatum et in Caelis
Will be bound also in heaven.
Gratia Vobis et Pax Multiplicetur
Grace and peace to you abundantly.
Gregorius XVI (Pon(tifex) M(ax)(imus)
Gregory XVI, Pope.
Gregorius XV Ludovisius Pont. Opt. Max
Gregory XV Ludovisi, P. M.
Grosherzogthum Baden
Grand duchy of Baden.
Illexit Illucescat Adhuc
He hath given light.
Infunde Amorem Cordibus
Pour Thy love into our hearts.
Innocentius XI Pont. Max.
Innocent XI, P.M.
Innocentius X Pont. Opt. Max.
Innocent X, P.M.
Innocent(lus) XIII Pon(t). M(ax).
Innocent XIII Pope.
Innocen. XII Pont. Max.
Innocent XII, P.M.
(In) Terra Pax
Peace in the land.
In Terra Pax
Peace in the land.
In Verbo Tuo
In Thy word.
Isti Sunt Patres Tui Verique Pastores
These are your fathers and true shepherds.
Legione ad Bellum Sacrium Instructa
On the marshalling of the legion for the sacred war.
Leo XII Pon(tifex) (Max(imus)
Leo XII, Pope.
Loquetur Pacem Gentibus
He will speak to the nations.
Lud. Card. Ludovisius Camer. Legatus Aven.
Louis, Cardinal Ludovisi, Chamberlain and Legate in Avignon.
Lumen ad Revelationem Gentium
Light and revelation for the peoples.
Malum Minuit Bonum Auget
He lessens evil and increases good.
Non Proderunt in die Vitionis
(They) will be of no avail on the day of Judgment.
Non Relinquam Vos Orphanos
I shall not leave you as orphans.
Non Vos Relinquam Orphanos
I shall not leave you orphans.
Novit lustus Causam Pauperum
The just man understands the cause of the poor.
Pacem Loquetur Gentibus
He will speak peace to the nations.
Paulus V Burghesius Pont. Max
Paul V Borghese, P.M.
Pius IX Pont. Max.
Pius IX, Pope.
Pius VIII Pont. Max.
Pius VIII, Pope.
Pius VII Pon(tifex) M(aximus)
Pius VII, Pope.
Portae Inferi non Praevalebunt
The gates of hell shall not prevail.
Sanctus Matthaeus Apostolus
St. Matthew, Apostle.
Scipio Card. Burghesius Leg. Aven
Scipione Borghese, Cardinal Legate of Avignon.
Sedebit in Pulchritudine Pacis
Seated in the splendor of peace.
Sede Vacante
The chair being vacant.
S. Georgius Ferrariae Protector
St. George, Protector of Ferrara.
Splendet a Maiestate Eius
The splendor of his majesty shines.
Stato Pantificio
The Papal State.
Supra Firmam Petram
Upon a firm rock.
Te Mane Te Vespere
Thee in the morning, thee in the evening.
Urbanus VIII Barberinus Pon. Max.
Urban VIII Barberini, P.M
Ut Abundets Magis.
That you may the more abound.
Veni Lumen Cordium
Come light of hearts.
Venti et Mare Obiediunt.
The winds and the sea obey him.
Vivit Deus.
God lives.