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Portugal 2,50 euro coin "Espadarte"

Last Portuguese coin minted in 2013 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the submarine "Espadarte".

The NRP “Espadarte” was ordered in 1907, during the reign of Charles I of Portugal, and was constructed at La Spezia shipyard in Italy. She was delivered on the 15th of April 1913, making the Portuguese Navy one of the first in the world to be equipped with this type of weapons platform.

Around the top of the obverse of the coin, created by José Bandeira and Delgado Nunes is a border of waves, facing inwards, along with the words “REPÚBLICA PORTUGUESA” (Portuguese Republic) and its face value. Towards the bottom, in the middle, is the Portuguese coat of arms with an armillary sphere and the year 2013; in the centre of the reverse are the words “100 ANOS SUBMARINO ESPADARTE” (100 years of the submarine espadarte). At the base of the numbers is a representation of the submarine and towards the lower part, above the inwards-facing border of waves representing the surface of the sea, is the legend “1913-2013”.

Portugal 2,50 euro coin

The coin marking the “Centenary of the Espadarte” has a face value of 2.50 Euros, it is minted in silver with a numismatic proof finishing and is packaged in a case with a guarantee certificate.

Сountry: Portugal
Data of issue: 2013
Face value: 2,5 Euro
Metal: Silver 925 / Copper-nickel
Weight: 12 g / 10 g
Diameter: 28 mm
Quality: Proof / UNC
Mintage: 2,500 pcs / 100 000 pcs

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