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Chocolate Scented

Chocolate Scented

With a voracious market showing an insatiable appetite for cutting-edge collector coins, it’s no surprise that the 2014 $5 Chocolate Scented Silver BU has sparked frenzied demand. A sure-fire recipe for success, this pure silver $5 coin looks and smells like CHOCOLATE!

This astonishing $5 BU coin takes numismatics to a completely new world. Not only is this official legal tender $5 a perfect recreation of a chocolate block – it actually smells like chocolate! With a delicious chocolate-scented rub & sniff layer producing the aroma of the world’s favourite sweet treat, the 2014 $5 Chocolate Scented Silver BU will satisfy the hunger of anyone looking for ‘that something different’ for their collection.

Сountry:Cook Islands
Data of issue:    June, 2014
Face value:5 Dollars
Metal:Silver .999 with selective gold plating
Weight:20 g
Diameter:47 х 27 mm
Mintage:2,500 pcs

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