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The Fourth evaluation is crafting.

The Fourth evaluation is crafting. You'll find yourself on RS gold a plane full of crafting substances, non-agressive creatures, and two chests. The testing agent will give you a crossword puzzle, to fillout which will explain to you the number of items you require, and what you really will need to make. As soon as you fix it, get the crafting tools you need out of a torso you will need to cast air strike on to open. Kill the appropiate animal for hides. . .mine the right rock for gold or gems, pick the flax, utter the sheep..you get the idea and put the items in the next torso. As soon as you get it right you'll be returned into the Oneiromancer.

You will find yourself on a plane using a summoning obolisk,two chests and several non-agressive monsters. The testing agent will give you a anogram to work out. As soon as you understand the familiar to summon and the ideal special scroll to use. . .kill that the appripiate monster for the cheap RuneScape gold secondary, open the torso with your strength to obtain the ideal number of shards, pouches, and charms throw your recognizable cast the scroll on the testing agent and also be returned to the Oneiromancer.

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