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How are you really gon na afford to kill anyone even in the event

What food should RuneScape gold I choose? (I use monkfish for greater leveled monsters and swordfish for reduced leveled ones) Is there something that I could use to discover how much critters I killed? (you may buy an enchanted stone from any slayer master) How long will it take me to get 99? (Not sure, I've trained for two months or so and at level 55) Why should I never use range? (I don't see a problem with it exept in the Event That You get to higher leveled monsters You Might Have to safespot rather than all possess safespots)

How are you really gon na afford to kill anyone even in the event that you lure them with these battle stats? Unless they are like level 3 or something. He's got a pretty good range... that I was actually the victim of a pretty amazing lure. What happened was a man approached me and asked if I wanted to be in a RSMV (Runescape Music Video) and he stated he'd give me 2mil. He gave me 100k to prove he had been legit then we began going around and I would say lyrics when he desired me to.

Later on he hurried into two"random people" that were really his friends and asked them to join in the video. They said sure and they followed us around stating lyrics when he desired us , etc.. Then he said we had to go kill a larger demon for the next part, so that he gave us all food (again so he looked legit) and we went ran to the wildy.

On the way into the wildy, his two buddies private listened me saying we'd turn to the"leader" since he was holding 5m in his inventory. Once we got out that they began killing himand were skulled immediatly upon attacking him. I realized long before it was a scam so I did not attack.

The reason they enticed me was because I was wearing Full Zammy so that they knew I had been wealthy and the payoff could be much in their favor. A few things to think about: Give the person a lump of money to convince them you are legit and you'll get a good payment buy OSRS gold should you follow . Be certain the person is wearing great armor/weapons, you don't need all this work to go wasted.

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