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Other leveling approaches levels 1-70. Cannoning at Ice Trolls.

LEVELS 50-61 Ammonite Crabs at RuneScape gold Fossil Island. After completing Bone Voyage quest you are able to move to Fossil Island to fight Ammonite Crabs. Those are better than their Sand cousins because they have added 40hp. Thanks to this you can afk little more while battling them than on preceding creatures. If you do not have prerequisites for Bone Voyage or merely don't want to do it you can slay Sand, Rock or even Moss Crabs for as long as you want to. They will give adequate experience ratios at all levels.

In case you have finished Horror of the Deep quest you have also unlocked Dagannoth cave. You can place a cannon there and start killing Dagannoths using Rune Crossbow and Broad Bolts. As those critters are both ranged and melee that you want to change your prayers accordingly. They may hurt a little but you can always regain your health with fruits that you have made. This is a great but expensive way and in the event that you cannot afford it just return to killing fishes.

LEVELS 90+ Chinning Maniacal Monkeys To get this region at Ape Atoll you want to partially or fully finish Monkey Madness 2 quest. By employing Black or Red chins you'll have the ability to strike many monkeys at same moment. This provides excellent experience ratios and is perhaps the best Ranged training method but in addition, it costs a lot. Chins are very expensive so you might want to use Red ones over Blacks. You will need additionally Prayer potions to protect you from melee but cost of these will not be high since monkeys also drop Prayer potions.

Other leveling approaches levels 1-70. Cannoning at Ice Trolls. One of the greatest places to use Dwarf Multicannon if you want to save a bit of cash is in Fremennik Isles where you can farm on Ice Trolls. All these are unlocked after completing Fremennik Trials quest and are fantastic way to buy OSRS gold train for people who can't afford to constantly waste money on cannonballs. While gathering loot from the enemies you can make up gold which you've spent on the trip since they drop valuable alch products.

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