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But you can discount that

I use Sumona rather than Chaeldar because I found she will frequently assign monsters that are at the Desert Slayer Dungeon - but doing their considerably easier and quicker counterparts at the Fremennik Slayer Caves fulfills the assignment equally as well. She'll inform you/suggest that you simply use her dungeon, but you can discount that.

I just had to reset one task from her, which was Terror Dogs; I'd Tarn's Lair, and killed about half of my assignment before I ran out of food. Problem was that I didn't want to spend points on figuring out how to create Slayer Rings OR negotiate the maze . My next points spent will be to get Slayer Ring making!If you want to know more about RS, you can visit https://www.rsgoldfast.com/

Hi there, I've been trying to obtain an AGS for a couple of months now. I need 50M more, and I have made absolutely no progress; I've been planning to corp, so far I have missed two Sigils in 3 kills (in a row, so it moved Spectral miss-kill no loot-divine overlook ). I've been to bandos, but much less, and possibly 50-60 kills later, no breaks and no drops.

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