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High alchemy is your source of money in RuneScape

Nobody is speaking in OSRS is slower in RS3 versus OSRS - obviously about xp rates. But PVM is much more complex in RS3 at high levels, and that is the kind of difficulty people are currently talking about cheap OSRS gold. I would say I am like a mid level PVMer and even with t90 weapons/t80 equipment and proper perks etc. I can not readily afk even a t70 boss with no auras. If I wanted to begin learning the mid tier supervisors like Vindy, I would have to go through a great deal of food and research in order to even reasonably do it on revo++ without even learning manual skill rotations to increase my DPS.

Anything higher than this is going to need a great deal of effort because not only would I want to learn boss mechanisms, but I'd essentially be asked to learn complete manual rotations for every combat style I want to use, the way to switch equipment efficiently to make the most of perks and specials, and so on. For players with pay-for-BiS-gear-to-win in your mind, OSRS costs real money.

What swap rates? You mean that the unofficial exchange rate of gp? If so, 1 British Pound is worth 134 Japanese yen however such"swap costs" have nothing to do with the markets of England and Japan. RS3 gp and silver OSRS gold are two totally different currencies. That Jmod said we don't need GE Tax like OSRS. Meanwhile, OSRS is why they included Duel Arena Tax currently in inflation, which is, and Mod Ash suggested GE Tax. They also included the RS3 Death Mechanics aimed to take gp.

"We were in a period of deflation last year which is the complete reverse of what people believe. Inflation on large ticket items such as partyhats is not due to inflation in RS and artificial. Deep Sea Fishing sunk a lot out of money as well. Invention eliminated a lot of items which could have been alched. High alchemy is your source of money in RuneScape. With the Smithing rework, we are hitting this more with providing more incentive to turn items into XP instead of alching them"

GE costs of Bonds in each game are determined solely by each game's supplies and demands. As it's much easier to make gp and therefore bonds playing in RS3 than OSRS they are different things. RS3 bonds may purchase a lot of things OSRS bonds ca. Hence the demand does its GE price and of RS3 bonds are much much higher. We are talking about paying to acquire when we talk about pay-to-win winrsgold. The only way to compare both games is to compare how much actual cash are real players paying for"win" as it costs exactly the same amount of REAL MONEY to purchase a RS3 and OSRS Bond. So it is obvious OSRS is far more pay-to-win than RS3 in that regard.

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