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neighborhood that is dreadful, Really game

I have enjoyed offline, although 2K for years. Not that I'm not good enough to win against anyone, but that the people that I play are normally just the worst. Pausing constantly, taking advantage of the glitches in NBA 2K, not coming close to playing with basketball. It is not enjoyable, even winning NBA 2K with Cheap 2K21 MT! And since I began myteam, it's just gotten worse. Unlimited is pretty much unplayable as far as a basketball goes, and the auction house is one. The greed that drives NBA 2K is, while unsurprising.

I believe this mode provides you the ability to play as a bunch of different cards and construct really awesome teams to observe how they play together, kind of appreciating the"what ifs" of basketball history. However, it turns into a damn gambling site to attempt to farm coins. Maybe I'm expecting too much, maybe it's more of a design issue, idk. I simply think NBA 2K would be enjoyable if there were more cards accessible for folks to use and love, rather than everybody trying to one up each other and worry about how much in game money they make.

Ridiculous? Yes. Toxic? No. That is how it's always been. This year costs have definitely been greater. But it has been easier than every other year to get MT. Not to mention all of the offline articles for adequate cards. It is basic supply and demand. Rashard Lewis for example, rarest card in the place for the very best card at NBA 2K. Obviously the price will be mad. Unless he's in super packs, then there's generally less than 10 in the AH. Standard supply/demand, if you can not manage it then it is what it is.

I know supply and demand, I am saying because a million mt for one card is too damn far, it is poisonous because its spending cash to get these cards. This is a game, not life? Like idk we are treating this like a real life market. Kids and this play with, and at a certain stage, someone should realize that these rates are out of hand. The difficulty us either the cards are cost fixed ( which I would consider toxic, which can be toxic in real life) or there's insufficient supply, which at this stage in NBA 2K lifespan is barely acceptable. I've got other things to do in my life compared to grind a thousand games to make enough to purchase 1 card.

Because it operates like the basketball card hobby it is treated like one. Kids playing and I agree with you especially. In addition, I don't know the AH is obstructed in some nations but buying packs isn't. In terms of the price that's not always on the players end. It is only a flaw in 2K's system and there's nothing 2K can really do about it. It's not basketball. Like I don't know sitting and fretting about shit and prices.

So you sit there and refresh an internet search and that is fun to you? Just go play with a slots game then, it's the exact same thing. I like to use a lot of players and lineups and determine what works collectively, but I have to save up this dumb amount simply to test out. None of that is fun to me nba2king. I also had difficulty making tons of mt but because the finest of packs came out I have to've made 3-4m just flipping PDs. I assume that people who open a good deal of boxes can't be fucked to check costs so they set up all their cards for 500 without BIN, if you bid on those you can find a great deal of PDs for 30 percent of it's market value, sometimes you can also buy them for 500 Mt (not sniping, you just bid on loads of these that all end like 1 minute apart from each other).

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