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I go superheat iron ores for a few smithing xp.

What would you recommend that I use for the consequent conflict considering I have a task of OSRS gold more than a hundred? Desert Strykewyrms are an superb task. They strike with ranged and melee, so melee is the best style to fight them together; the wyrms are feeble to stab attacks also, so a leaf-bladed sword is a great alternative for a weapon.

Aside from that, bring your standard equipment - optimally, wear Bandos tassets plus a chestplate, together with dragon boots, a Dragonfire Shield, a Skillcape/Fire Cape, a Slayer Helmet, Barrows Gloves, a Berserker Ring, as well as also an Amulet of Fury. Bring some fantastic food and perhaps a healing recognizable; watch out for their burrowing assault, and run off as soon as they dive under the ground, or you'll be hit for enormous damage. This attack is rather rare, fortunately. The Al-Kharid bank is quite close, but if you really can't endure walking, deliver a billed Amulet of Glory; teleport into Edgeville and lender (if you want to bank over double, which is unlikely, you may even take out a new Amulet), and then teleport back to Al-Kharid. Anyhow, very good luck!Heya People, Help me build my accounts. I've been a member before, but mom likely wont gimme more membs:x, therefore please don't tell me to level my p2p stats. I am currently getting my dungeoneering level to 50. When I am bored, I go superheat iron ores for a few smithing xp. Thanks guys.

So I decided I actually want to have that neato slayer helmet, but I've got a few questions about how the slayer points work. The explanation in the end of our Smoking Kills pursuit manual is not too good... So I want to do four assignments before I earn points on the 5th mission, right? Can I really do four assignments out of Mazchna (the smallest point man ) and then begin on higher ones for my 5th? It seems that Chaeldar is the best to get points the fastest - being a combination of a lot more points than Vannaka, only two less than Sumona along with the fact that hers is likely to be easier/shorter compared to Duradel's. Does anybody agree with this logic or disagree?

Can I do four assignments out of Mazchna (the lowest point man ) and then start on greater ones for Old School RuneScape Gold my 5th? It appears that Chaeldar is your very best to get points that the quickest - being a combo of a whole lot more points than Vannaka, just two less than Sumona and the fact that hers is likely to be easier/shorter than Duradel's. Does anyone agree with this logic or disagree? The answer to your first question is yes - your points, as well as your bonus points (at each 10, etc.) are based upon the Slayer Master that gave the final assignment.

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