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How can I Set Up Hotmail in Outlook for Microsoft 365?

Configuration of email in Outlook might take time but it is not as difficult as it seems. To sync your setup Hotmail in Outlook follow the steps given below:
1. Visit the website and select the settings icon in the upper right corner to access the Quick settings menu.
2. Click on the ‘View all Outlook settings’ option at the bottom of the menu.
3. Select ‘Sync email’ option in the next window.
4. Select Other email accounts under the section Connected accounts.
5. Connect your account
6. Enter all the necessary details in order to connect with your account like the name of the user (this name will be displayed when the recipients receive the email message that you sent)
7. Enter your verified email address and password associated with the email account you want to connect to your Outlook.com account.
In case the two-step verification is enabled for your connected email account, create a password for that account also and click OK.

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