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KM#56 ЮАР - 1/2 цента (1961–1964 г.)

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Whats the price of a south african 1963 1/2 cent coin?

$1 - $5

i got a 1000rand worth of this 1961 1c coins and i want to sell them can offer a price


south africa

I have south African Brass 1/2 cent for 1961, also hv silver coin 2x 20cents for 1965) 6x10cent for 1965-1966-1976-1978-1989) 6x5cents for 1965-1973-1977-1979-1982-1988) 2x2cents for 1966-1990) 1x1cent for 1976 all of my coins is south African old coins, I want 2 sell them can offer a price 2 my Email address Rstuga@hotmail.c

I have a 1962 1/2 cent


I have a 1962 1/2 cent
what is the price

I have 19 x 1961 1/2 cents - are they worth anything?

I have a 1994 South Africa 2c coin that was printed off centre. Is it worth anything?

Диаметр этой монеты 25,5 мм. ( Для покупателей ) .

I have 1961 and 1964 bronze half cent coin how much I could get

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